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Ha Long Bay is Vietnam's biggest attraction, one of the most magnificent natural splendors of the Far East. ''Ha Long'' means ''Where the Dragon cheap Halong Bay toursDescends into the Sea''. From the emerald-green waters of Ha Long Bay some 3000 limestone and dolomite islands (. or ''grottos'') rise jaggedly from the Gulf of Tonkin like medieval stone cathedral spires, or the scales on a dragon's back. Local lore has it that an enormous dragon created the bay, grottos and outcroppings as it thrashed its way toward the open sea to prevent the intrusion of enemy navies. Today, local fishermen still report encountering a giant sea beast called Tarasque, sort of the Nessie of the South China Sea.

  • Quan Lan Island Tour 4 days
    Quan Lan island is located in Bai Tu Long Bay, further up north of Halong. The island covers an area of 11.000 square metres with a population of approximately 4000 people living in 8 hamlets. Quan Lan lies on the sea route from Vietnam to China and Japan, the white sandy beaches running along the sides of the island...

  • Co To Island Tour 4 days
    If you are tired of touristy and crowed islands in Halong Bay then Co To is a worth exploring destination. Co To island is positioned north of Van Don island district, Quang Ninh province. The island is composed of tens of small islands with an area of nearly 5000 square metres, of which Thanh Lan, Tran and Big Co To are the biggest. It takes about 3 hours by boat from...

  • Halong Bay Junk cruise - Catba island 3 days
    Known for a long time as a tourist destination in the north, Cat Ba island still retains its attraction as a seaside spot for travellers, Catba boasts the best beaches as well as the National Park and the primitive forest, just outside the island is Lan Ha bay with hundreds of giant rock formations.

  • Monkey Island Resort break 4 days
    The resort are designed with bamboo and thatched houses covering part of Monkey island, a small island 2 kilometres in Cat Ba. The resort is located on Cat Dua island, facing Lan Ha bay, this is really an ideal place to relax and enjoy the beautiful peace of Halong.

  • Ocean Beach Resort Retreat 3 days
    Ocean Beach resort is located on Cat Ong island, just 20 minutes by boat from Cat Ba. The resort is designed with environmentally friendly materials, travellers going to resort will spend your time relaxing, kayaking or just lying under the sun on the beach.

  • Kayaking Halong Bay tour 4 days
    Halong Bay is rated by NatGeo as one of the best kayaking destinations in the world. Halong features hidden lagoons, lakes and tunnels under mountain just ideal for discovering by kayak. Travellers will have an opportunity to explore the bay's beauty in closeup.

  • Halong Bay 1 day tour
    Tour highlights: Cruising in Halong Bay, one of the New 7 World Wonders, taste seafood lunch, visit Heavenly cave and Wooden Stakes grotto, behold the beauty of thousands of year stalagmites, Stone Dog, Fighting Cock islets, Incense Burner...go swimming amid rock formations jutting high from the ocean, visit floating fishing villages...


Dear Travel Halong Bay
thank you all for an interesting and enjoyable trip to Halong Bay. Thank you for setting it all up for us and the organization throughout was very good indeed. We had great guides and careful drivers and have nothing but praise for everyone

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