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You are on the page of Travel Halong Bay Reviews offering the place for people to exchange Halong Bay travel advice and tips. Free to everybody who would like to write about Halong Bay and Vietnam, telling stories and share them with others. For more questions concerned your travel to Halong Bay Vietnam, please please feel free to contact us with our prompt and personalized travel services!

Top 5 most beautiful cafes in Halong to enjoy the beauty of the city
Halong city is one of the most important tourist destinations of Vietnam. Coming to this city, don't just swim in the sea or explore attractive entertainment areas, but take some time to visit the following beautiful cafes...

Floating life on Halong Bay
Fishing is the main activity of the inhabitants of these villages. However, some are also developing fish farming, rearing and processing cultured pearls.. These houses are only supplied with electricity by car batteries.

Explore Cat Ba island off the beaten Halong bay
There are many ways to get to Cat Ba island from Hanoi but you have to go through the city of Hai Phong. The best way is to take a bus. There are many tour operators who sell tickets for Halong Bay or Cat Ba Island but you have to be very careful about prices and services...

Travel to Co To island yourself, detailed information
Traveling to Co To Island this season is still beautiful, but it is a bit of luck because you may encounter rough seas that make the ship unable to go to the island or return to the mainland.

Useful tips about traveling to Van Don
Van Don not only has the sea but also mountains. Van Don is beautiful all seasons but the best time to visit Van Don is probably summer. To make the trip perfect you should also avoid the rainy months like September and October...

Visit Quan Lan island, tips to plan your trip
Something you need to note before traveling to Quan Lan island:
The peak time is in the summer, so the boats going to the island at this time are usually full early.

How to travel Halong, information and tips for first time visitors
For people in the North, Ha Long can be said to be the most worthwhile coastal city today. The first is due to its proximity (about 180km from Hanoi), it saves both time and money, making it suitable for short weekend trips...

Visit Halong and things not to miss
Ha Long tourist complex is a place not to be missed when coming to this city. Coming here, you will be watching, visiting many caves, islands...The cost is about 290,000 VND/person/route.

Top 5 best beaches in Quang Ninh
Few people know this beach however it is one of the most beautiful island beaches in the Gulf of Tonkin. Truong Trinh beach is located in the east of Ngoc Vung island, the beach is 2.9km long with flat white sand, clear water, cool, gentle wind...

Co To island homestay
There are many hotels choices in Co To island but if you are traveling on a budget we recommend a homestay. Below is the list of homestay in Co To island.

Top entertainment places in Halong visitors cannot miss
Cap Treo Nu Hoang, or double-deck cable car, is the only cable system consisting of two cabins, and is considered as a giant double decker bus with the capacity of up to 230 people per cabin. Can comfortably see the panorama...

Visit Halong bay by yourself
The route Hanoi - Bac Ninh - Halong is the shortest road trip, it takes about 3 hours as follows: From Hanoi passengers travel along highway 5 to Sai Dong junction (10 km), from Sai Dong you continue the journey to Bac Ninh 23 km).

Phu Long cave in Cat Ba island
Phu Long as well as many other caves on Cat Ba Island in Ha Long Bay is the valuable "tourism resources". Visitors to the cave will have more scientific understanding of the process of formation of limestone caves by the creator.

Halong bay landscape of Quang Ninh province
Halong means where the dragon descends on earth, Halong bay is like an immense picture of mountain and sea, very spectacular and lively with about 2000 large and small islands, most of them are limestone.  

Bai Tho mountain in Halong
There were many things worth mentioning about Bai Tho mountain, from the foot to halfway up the hill, the path are built with steps by concrete and easy to climb, when we arrived halfway uphill the steps were smaller and gradually replaced by stones and rocks.

Lan Ha bay
Lan Ha bay should have become famous if it is not close to another tourist destination Halong bay. It is indeed divided by administrative frontiers that Lan Ha is a separate part of Halong bay complex.  

Origin of island names in Halong Bay
The names of the islands in Halong Bay are mostly longstanding, some islands were given names by the fishermen, some are named by well known people, some names have a long story attached with them.

Cong Tay and Cong Dong islands in Halong
Cong Tay island, lying alongside Cong Dong island. On the map they look like a pair of bread placed in parallel northwest - southeast directions, the eastern angle of the absolutely protected triangular Halong bay.  

Cua Van fishing village
From hundreds of years, there have existed inside the heritage Halong Bay the lives of Cua Van village fishermen. Unlike the life on the mainland, all activities of the local people are associated with the sea.

Halong Bay Vietnam part 1
Visit Halong Bay Vietnam is a must for all travellers, those who want to stay away from the crowds prefer further inhabited islands like Cat Ba island, Ngoc Vung, especially Quan Lan and Co To island.  

Halong Bay Vietnam part 2
Huong Hai was on of the first companies offering Halong bay cruises with overnight on boat in the deluxe standards, actually some tour operators had opened this before however their night boats were rather simple...  

Halong Bay Vietnam part 3
Cat Ba island used to be part of Halong Bay tours, and is a popular destination for backpackers and active travellers, going to Catba island visitors can take a trip to nearby islands.

Halong Bay Vietnam part 4
Another spot which is favourite with travellers rowing kayaking in Halong Bay is Titov beach, the beach is located at the foot of Titov island, on the island is Bai Tho or Poem mountain...  

Halong Bay Vietnam part 5
Halong Bay was officially opened for tourism in 1992, since then there have been a big development of Halong Bay travel, as there are more and more visitors go on Halong Bay tours on their vacations to Vietnam.  



Xin Chao Travel Halong Bay
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